Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Power of Belief

For me, belief is not all about religion, it has its own part, but it's only a portion of something much bigger. Synonyms for belief can range from hope to acceptance, from being able to trust completely to not at all. Belief is a very personal thing that we might not readily share with others because we worry they may ridicule us (in the worse case scenario) or we feel we will look like a fool.

Day to day, I see a lot of people in my age range going through their daily routines without a care in the world. Perhaps they are unfazed by the passage of time, seeing that they have many more hours and years coming their way. But they seem to not have a care for anything except getting through today.

My question is what about tomorrow? How about ten years down the road? What truly keeps you going? What makes you get out of bed?

The belief does not have to be in a higher power or being, it can be belief in yourself. That you of all people are capable of more than you can imagine. That your daily routine can be completely different if you take a different route today than yesterday.

Yes, I am a deeply religious person, but I also have a strong belief in myself as a person. It's what gets me through the journey of finding a job, paying off my student loans, and crafting the life I hope for. There are days where the journey will be difficult or hard, and it makes me realize that knowing everything will turn out alright is good enough for me to keep going down that route.

Do you have a belief system and how does it guide you (or help you get through) every day? 


  1. I was actually having a conversation very similar to this over a business dinner recently (it wasn't inappropriate - we were just killing our last evening). I was saying that I don't follow a prescribed religion, but I have faith, and how I envied people that did follow a specific faith (assuming they aren't pushy about it). He said he thought less of people who followed religion. I think I was trying to articulate what you said here, and just couldn't come with it.

    My belief system is pretty straightforward. I try to be as kind as a I can be, even when it's not the obvious reaction.

  2. Interestingly enough, I don't really trust people who don't have some type of belief. Being able to believe helps you through many things in life, but also helps you keep hope in others.