Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oh those winter days! They seem super long while waiting for the warm spring days to arrive. But having something in the works will make it go by that much quicker!

1. Find a local museum. They are usually great ways to pass the day away from home. Sometimes they can even be free or reduced admission after certain hours. Boost your knowledge about random subjects and appreciate abstract art after only a few hours!

2. Start planning a garden or two! And it doesn't even have to be anything big! Perhaps a few plotted plants to add decor to a room. Or a few herbs to add spice to your cooking. Now's the time to think about what to plant once the first thaw is over.

3. Find your creative side! Perhaps learning a new craft or finding some projects to spruce up the house will take your mind off the chilly weather. Come spring time, you'll have a fun and fabulous home to show off.

This winter might almost be done, even though you don't think so! But soon you'll be wanting for all the heat to go away!

What are some things you enjoy doing during the long winter months?


  1. I end up reading a lot. It doesn't get me out of the house as often as in the summer, but I learn stuff :) I'd love to start an herb garden - I think it would be so satisfying to just pull fresh herbs when cooking, but sadly, I kill all flora!

  2. Hopefully you can find something you can't kill! It's nice being able to have something green in the winter.