Sunday, March 20, 2016

What's Moving Me...03/20

Hello interwebs! How's the Sunday treating you? Do anything special or was it all back to the same old same old?

There's been quite a bit of action in the household lately. The boyfriend surprised me with cleaning up the basement which was quite a wreck on his day off. With a bit more time off, making the house clean for spring is the new goal. It's going to take only a bit more time but already we are feeling the effects of having more visual space than before.

Along with that, working on a few craft projects and of course, getting my resume out there for job opportunities. It's been great being able to stay home these past few days, but it is time. The amount of restlessness is really filling me up and at times keeps me awake at night.

Currently Reading:

So, being a big reader, I rarely share what I'm actually reading on this blog. Hmm, that's going to be changing real quick. What usually happens at the library is whatever catches my eye first is what comes home with me. Makes for a not so cohesive reading list but has opened me up to such a wide variety of books. Now let's start:

About halfway through this book and am loving her witty nature. There's something about a women trying to juggle it all at the same time that caught me and kept me reading. Alice is so quirky and funny she makes me feel as though we've been on a journey with her for quite awhile. There are so many ups and downs that I felt I was on this intense roller coaster of life and looking around every corner. Can't wait to finish!!!

For some reason, brightly colored books were catching my eye this time around at the library, but I'm glad for that. Usually, I'm looking to stick to long novels and deep intense story lines, but after reading a few of the short stories, my mind kept on asking for more. There's something deep in the superficiality at times and a calmness even at the most intense of moments that Berlin is able to convey. This is definitely a book I'm going to be buying for my bookshelf. 

And last but not least, tea!!! What day does not go by where I am drinking copious amounts of tea? A coconut vanilla chai with a touch of milk has been at my side at least once a day. With temperatures fluxing at the beginning and the end of the day, this mix gives me the warm feeling I need to keep moving on. 

One of my absolute favorites for spring and summer is Countess of Seville by David's Tea. Imagine early grey but with a hint of fruity notes, namely citrus. It doesn't grab you by the cuff, but gently leads you through the orange grove for a mid afternoon meander. 

This week will be a bit more of the usual, part time fall-back work and lots of reading, tea and artsy projects that are trying to be finished in a reasonable amount of time (aka under a year). 

What does your week hold in store for you?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Trusting the Path...

What was interesting was there was going to be a post about dealing with how overwhelmed I was getting, with life and work and balancing it all. And for some reason, a week later, none of that is really relevant anymore. Well, it's not just for some reason, but for one main reason: being laid off.

There was really no anger at the situation, I understood and we were all informed that this could happen. Perhaps it was meant to be, written in the stars others might say.

It didn't all fall apart. I hope to look at it as though it is all coming together. That there is still something to obtain from the few months I worked there. And worked hard and did my best day in and day out. It was also a wonderful group of people that I only wish I could have spent more time picking their brains and learning more about them and their journeys.

So, what are the next few steps? Keep on applying, keep on looking. Things seem a bit more hopeful this time around though, so my head will be a bit higher.

But also enjoying the off time, the first few signs of spring, a few good books, finishing those craft projects, and best of all, keeping the home somewhat cleaner.

Yes, that list does not seem too exciting, especially to most 20-somethings. But to me, this routine will keep me going in a positive direction. There will be some of groundedness in it all, but movement forward.

Has there ever been a time that you felt that not the rug has been from under you, but just a slighter shift in motion? Like the wind was stronger than you expected and now you are on a slightly different path? That's what it is. A detour. Nothing more, nothing less. It's really unexpected but at this time in my life, it's welcomed.