Monday, February 24, 2014

Is Overtime Worth the Time?

The past week was full of hustle and bustle and lots of work! Many of us were working long days and many days, sometimes for over 10 hours! And if you know anything about restaurant work, it's all about moving around and little down time!

So, with all these hours worked, and all this money in hand, it made me question, was it all worth it?

I'm all for side hustles and also working extra hours when you can. But it makes me wonder about those people who constantly work extra hours, not just because they want to pay off debt, or need to, but because they want to.

What are they trying to escape, or better yet, what are they trying to get at?

Some people want to have lots of money to have it, but does it really make you feel all that better? I'd be so burnt out and stressed out I wouldn't even want to spend any money for fear of going on a rampage with it at the mall and spending it all.

There wouldn't ever be a certain amount that would make me feel perfectly comfortable enough to cut back. If you are used to a certain level of pay, why would you ever want to see it go down? Especially for a silly reason as work life balance...

It's great being able to say I have extra money in the bank, but boy, I don't want to see another week like that for a few months, at least. I'm so thankful that the long week is over and it's back to normal at work. It makes me appreciate days off and being able to do other things besides plopping down in front of the TV!

Would you be willing to put in constant long hours for great pay and sacrifice any form of social and possibly family life? Would you ever be willing to work just for the money?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day!!!

What does a Snow Day mean to you?

For me it's a large breakfast, coffee, juice, lots of Netflix and reading.

For all the folks out there who have to go to work, I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy your time there as best you can.

For all of those who are staying home, perhaps today's the day to either catch up on those small tasks you have been meaning to do or take the day off to sleep and watch all the TV possible (or read, or color...).

And those who have to work at home, make it fun! Wear pajama's all day or perhaps drink hot chocolate or tea all day long. Make it the work environment you always wanted!

Well, got to get started on that Netflix! So many series and so little time. Well besides the hour long nap in my future!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day and Update On Those Goals!!!

Can you believe it's already the 12th of February? The month is almost halfway done with! Where is it all going?

Valentine's Day is only two days away, so hopefully you guys already have plans figured out! Most people will spend tons of money on overpriced chocolates and flowers and then a big, over the top dinner. Because love really has no price, I told the bf going for a nice brunch was fine with me. No flowers or cards please (maybe candy, but the half off kind the next day!).

As for exercising, even though my goal was 4 times a week, I decided (and with great enthusiasm) to go ahead and try to attempt Mr. and Mrs.1500's challenge for February. And guess what? I think I'm on pace to make it! Each day I actually run makes it that much easier for me the next day. The only downside is that my metabolism has been ramping up and so have my snacks...(well my budget for that was blown a long time ago anyway...)

My reading list was growing for awhile and I wasn't keeping up with all the books I had taken out from the library. But luckily I'm back at it! My goal is to finish a few more by the end of the week and have some easy reads lined up for next week. This will give me time also to research some autobiographies that I would want to read by the end of the year!

As for food, we have been back to an eating whatever there is diet. Which isn't the best either. Luckily there's lots of lettuce, but there's also lots of lettuce. Let's see what happens when we go grocery shopping this weekend...

I've definitely been better at getting tasks completed instead of pushing them off. I'm holding myself accountable and bringing back my planner has helped a ton! Now, I have to get to work on posting at least 3 times a week! Perhaps that's the next thing to get scheduled in the planner!

As for relaxing and enjoying my required one day a week of not working, it's been refreshing! Working is nice, but having the day to work on my arts and crafts and catch up with friends has really revived me. Life doesn't feel so banal and tiresome when I get home to something handmade by me.

How are all of you doing on your goals for the year? Any plans for Valentine's Day?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

One of Those Long Days...

This is a bit of a rant/personal post, so if you're not into that, tune in another time for another interesting post!

Anyway, I woke up in a pretty sad mood today and it was probably from the thoughts I was having the night before.

It's been over a year since I graduated from college with two degrees, and from the hundreds of applications I've filled out over weeks and months, really nothing has come through for me. I've had amazing people in my life who have gone above and beyond and put in good words for me or helped me get my foot in the door. But it looks like I shot myself in the foot with my educational background...

You would that someone with a graduate degree and a known work ethic of an ox would actually be getting somewhere a year out of school, but here I am, waiting tables and doing whatever else is needed that day. And no, I did not get a whatever degree, I actually went to school with a field in mind which I thought had many job opportunities. For me, science has always been a great love but it also seemed like a wide open and growing field...

Most days, I remind myself how lucky I am to even have an education and that I was able to get a job that helps pay for my expenses, loans and lots of wine. Also, that I was able to graduate with such a small amount of student loans and not have to burden my now future self with a huge monthly payment. But besides the money, I've made great friends who have taught me so much about life and have given me great memories. It's always an interesting day at work and it's something I never knew I could be good at, and luckily for me, can be a side hustle I can use for years to come.

Along with that, the bf has been super supportive of me from the beginning. He is always there to offer suggestions and comfort me after the rejection letter comes in. He has the enthusiasm I need.

But there are days like today, where I wonder what went wrong and why is it that not only myself, but others like me can't get jobs that are fulfilling and actually help us get to a better place. There must be something out there that is preventing us from getting to that next step. I hope that I can look back on this part of my life as a little detour and not a total derailment.

Again, this won't be a usual thing, just wanted to get it off my chest, and I already feel a bit better!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Oh Those Expenses....January 2014

Because I'm not really into that thing called football, I'd rather be here getting ahead on some stuff. Not only was the day productively spent by catching up on some laundry (and TV of course) but a good chunk of time on reading all those books that are about to expire! No special snacks need to be made or rowdy people to attend to (and clean up after). It's just a quiet day overall.

Anyway, I have decided to bring back the expense report. The reason being is that the past few months I didn't feel as accountable for my spending because it wasn't out for the world to see. But at the end of the month, every other category was way over budget. Knowing that others will see my progress makes me want to try my best each day!

One thing you'll notice is I really don't have a savings category...

It's not that I don't save, there is no specific amount I wish to set aside each month. For me, student loan repayment and retirement savings are the two most important categories at the moment. However, I did set up a separate savings account for travel purposes and it's actually quite nice!

Despite taking a break at the end of the month, I did pretty well in terms of income and not going way over budget!

The rent is not actual rent but what I pay the bf to cover bills (electric, internet, etc.) under his name.

Groceries was on the smaller side this  month because the bf took care of most it. It made me feel kind of bad because I eat tons of fresh fruit, making the bill pretty high. My goal is to then make sure that I pay for most of the groceries this month!

Snacks were a bit out of control for some reason. I'm going to try and make sure that for February there are snacks in my work bag. Perhaps instant oatmeal and fruit bars?

Two things I forgot to include: Craft supplies for a project I just started which came out to be about $28. Also my vacation and the money I spent getting to places and eating. The whole trip came out to be about: $350. Not too shabby I must say. The reason it's not included is because some of the money came from the new savings fund set up for travel, but also some money that I found a few days before my departure. All in all, it really didn't come out of my budget!

How did you guys do in January?