Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day and Update On Those Goals!!!

Can you believe it's already the 12th of February? The month is almost halfway done with! Where is it all going?

Valentine's Day is only two days away, so hopefully you guys already have plans figured out! Most people will spend tons of money on overpriced chocolates and flowers and then a big, over the top dinner. Because love really has no price, I told the bf going for a nice brunch was fine with me. No flowers or cards please (maybe candy, but the half off kind the next day!).

As for exercising, even though my goal was 4 times a week, I decided (and with great enthusiasm) to go ahead and try to attempt Mr. and Mrs.1500's challenge for February. And guess what? I think I'm on pace to make it! Each day I actually run makes it that much easier for me the next day. The only downside is that my metabolism has been ramping up and so have my snacks...(well my budget for that was blown a long time ago anyway...)

My reading list was growing for awhile and I wasn't keeping up with all the books I had taken out from the library. But luckily I'm back at it! My goal is to finish a few more by the end of the week and have some easy reads lined up for next week. This will give me time also to research some autobiographies that I would want to read by the end of the year!

As for food, we have been back to an eating whatever there is diet. Which isn't the best either. Luckily there's lots of lettuce, but there's also lots of lettuce. Let's see what happens when we go grocery shopping this weekend...

I've definitely been better at getting tasks completed instead of pushing them off. I'm holding myself accountable and bringing back my planner has helped a ton! Now, I have to get to work on posting at least 3 times a week! Perhaps that's the next thing to get scheduled in the planner!

As for relaxing and enjoying my required one day a week of not working, it's been refreshing! Working is nice, but having the day to work on my arts and crafts and catch up with friends has really revived me. Life doesn't feel so banal and tiresome when I get home to something handmade by me.

How are all of you doing on your goals for the year? Any plans for Valentine's Day?


  1. Lots of updates! We are going to spend out v day at home bc House of Cards season 2 comes out on Netflix. Not romantic but we love it!
    I read a great bio of Magda Gobles last year. Crazy lady but good book!

  2. Did not know that the second season is coming out tomorrow! You just made the rest of my week! Now that is an acceptable way to spend any holiday!

    And I'll definitely looking into Magda! Crazy people are the most interesting!