Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Next Quarter..

This past week has been very thought provoking for me. In a few weeks, I'll be turning 25, and that has startled me more than ever before. What I have done in my first 25 years on this Earth has been mainly milestones set by humans, but not a lot of it has been what I've been actively pursuing.

Now that I am conscious and aware of what type of person I am and what is out there, I can use that to my advantage and start partaking in activities that pique my interest and not merely arouse a satisfied groan for a job well done.

There are many aspects of my life that I have been neglecting, hoping that tomorrow will be the day to start, but in reality, today is too. Such as my health. I need to take care better of my body but also my mental health. Many of the reasons my body starts breaking down is because of my unhealthy eating habits due to higher than normal stress and less time to prepare meals in the morning because of how exhausted I was the night before. It's a never-ending cycle that can be broken with the right measures. All the equipment is at my disposal, yet I don't have the desire of the needed discipline to do it every night. Well, that is going to change!

Mentally, I need to get out of this rut of this is all that's out there for me. Yes, I waitress but that's not the end all be all. There are so many other careers out there that can provide me with the mental stimulation that I seek. But I'll never know if that apply button is never touched, not even once. So, taking time to really look at job postings not only in this area, but those around (and this is where the car comes in handy!) but physically taking the time to apply to them instead of keeping them open and considering all the reasons they would night hire me. Even if it means taking risks with other jobs that are far out there and pay a little less, maybe that's what is needed right now to get me back on track.

Financially, I need to hold myself much more accountable of my money on a daily basis. My debts have been going down at a reasonable rate, but I've been too willy - nilly these past four months with the small things. A drink out here and there has really started to add up four months into the year. My hope is to get January to April expenses all sorted out, take a really deep look into them and create a new budget to be tested May and June and the final version all set for July. This will give me the second half of the year to really make my money work for me.

The things I'm starting to appreciate are the home that the boyfriend and I are slowly creating. We are adding our personality here and there with small details that at times only we can understand why they fit. It's wonderful being able to look into our closet and see that we still have half of closet full of room. Our clothes have room to breath. We don't spend a lot of time or money on our appearance, but we appreciate other things that bring us together than divide us in separate directions. And I'd rather buy a couple ounces of tea over a sweater any day.

Everyday is teaching me what it is to be an adult in this world, but also a person, and a human. No one is perfect and failure needs to be a learning lesson. So hopefully I can take the failures and successes that are coming soon enough to heart.