Monday, January 7, 2013

First and foremost...

The first few posts will be the hardest considering that in reality there is no set theme or direction. The best thing to do I guess, is to write a little about me and where I'm starting from.

As many others will be doing this year, I just completed my college education, and have found myself the holder of not one, but two, degrees that might or not be useful in my future endeavors. It would be easy to tell others that I'm a realist, one of those who looks at life through which the lenses are clear and focused. But truthfully, I'm usually a pessimist who sprinkles optimism on others when the sun is out and tries to confuse them into thinking that's who I am too.

Apart from that, my interests are far and wide and ever changing. Currently they are finding a job, perhaps in my field of study (chemistry) but will not be completely disappointed if that does not happen. What would make my day is coming across and getting into a job involved in finance. Kind of out there, and probably  going to be harder to achieve with the conditions of most banks at this time, but let's sprinkle that optimism. 

Along with that, I enjoy dancing, especially ballet, reading, and puzzle books. I'm also trying out a few new things, and we where we will go with them the following months. First in line is this simplicity/minimalism thing that's been kicking around for some time. It's not the idea of removing all the material aspects of your life, saying bon voyage, and living on a remote island in the middle of nowhere. The ideas that surround it are supposed to nurture happier and healthier human beings that are conscious of what's going on around them. 

And with the coming of age that means responsibility. They seem tied together forevermore. But that's fine, because it's a challenge that I've decided to meet head-on, well kind of. I'm currently unemployed, but hopefully that won't be for long. But it does mean that my expenses are definitely are outweighing what I'm bringing in. And with my student loans on the table, a long distance relationship that is trying to be worked out as we speak, budgeting is going to be in the works. Mine is of course rudimentary, but hopefully it will develop with me. 

But what is this about the finding of passion? Well, I guess it's me finally realizing some of the things I had passion for no longer exist, but that they were never filled with something else. Kind of sad huh? But it won't be finding passion today or tomorrow or at some date 2.35 years in the future. It's about finding it in small things everyday. It may take time and definitely a lot of contentment, but to be able to branch out and experiment and try new things that truly make me feel passionate about life must come around one day.