Monday, March 30, 2015

Meaningful Spending

The past couple of months there has been a wonderful, new change in my schedule. After work a few days a week, I'll change into my gear and head over to dance class. Most of the girls are about half my age, but I don't let that perturb me in any way.

At first, I tried it out, paying for classes with a drop in rate. Then I bought a few classes at a time. Afterwards, I went all in. Slowly, new clothes were bought along with some new shoes and the transformation was only starting.

Yes, that money could be used towards paying off my student loans a bit faster. But in all honesty seeing that balance go down a little bit more wouldn't make me that much happier.

Life is about living, and not just for tomorrow but today. Being able to dance provides me with a joy that roots itself in my soul. I feel myself awaken in a way that daily routines don't allow.

There is no guarantee that in a few years that my body will still be able to perform the same moves, or be as graceful as I am today. Perhaps I won't have the time to dedicate once kids come into the mix. Now is the moment and today is the day, I'm not going to procrastinate on this one.

What things in your life are you not willing to give up even if it meant getting out of debt faster? And it can't be something small! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Life Update...

What has grabbed hold of me lately you ask? If you wish to know, mainly it's been work (of course) but also getting myself in order. These past few weeks I've made a real commitment to myself of getting stuff done, and honestly, it's been a 180 degree change. Most days now are stress-free due to the fact most of the hard tasks are done before 10am or right after getting off of work. There are no dishes in the sink waiting for me and the pile up of house chores has almost disappeared. Some days, I feel like a new me...

Along with that, I've been working on picking up all the extra shifts possible without running myself into the ground. My goals for the extra money are to fully fund my Roth IRA but also to help pay for an upcoming vacation ( or 2). Looking at my planner (because this spreadsheet thing might be non-existent for a bit longer) it looks like things either will work out well (aka I'll saved for both of them) or not...

The Bf and I are also working on our home a bit more and finally got ourselves a TV stand. All the rooms are starting to look a bit more complete and less At-least-there's-furniture feeling.

I've also been focusing on drinking more water throughout the day and lo and behold my complexion has taken a turn for the better. Not only do I look more radiant and refreshed but I also have less acne. Hopefully soon I'll start feeling it on the inside as well!

Besides that, hopefully there will be a few more posts coming up during the month, along with my spending for January and February.

Any good things happening your way lately? Looking forward to the semi - Spring weather?