Sunday, March 6, 2016

Trusting the Path...

What was interesting was there was going to be a post about dealing with how overwhelmed I was getting, with life and work and balancing it all. And for some reason, a week later, none of that is really relevant anymore. Well, it's not just for some reason, but for one main reason: being laid off.

There was really no anger at the situation, I understood and we were all informed that this could happen. Perhaps it was meant to be, written in the stars others might say.

It didn't all fall apart. I hope to look at it as though it is all coming together. That there is still something to obtain from the few months I worked there. And worked hard and did my best day in and day out. It was also a wonderful group of people that I only wish I could have spent more time picking their brains and learning more about them and their journeys.

So, what are the next few steps? Keep on applying, keep on looking. Things seem a bit more hopeful this time around though, so my head will be a bit higher.

But also enjoying the off time, the first few signs of spring, a few good books, finishing those craft projects, and best of all, keeping the home somewhat cleaner.

Yes, that list does not seem too exciting, especially to most 20-somethings. But to me, this routine will keep me going in a positive direction. There will be some of groundedness in it all, but movement forward.

Has there ever been a time that you felt that not the rug has been from under you, but just a slighter shift in motion? Like the wind was stronger than you expected and now you are on a slightly different path? That's what it is. A detour. Nothing more, nothing less. It's really unexpected but at this time in my life, it's welcomed.


  1. I think it's natural for this to happen at some point in life. I once got fired for literally no good reason, and it completely turned my life upside down. I did not handle that calmly though... I went to India for two weeks, then came back to Abu Dhabi and partied for a week before finally realizing I had to sort my life out.... you seem to be handling your setback much more responsibly! Good on you!

    1. Wow, that's definitely a trip! It seems it's' something that is not uncommon after talking to a few people this week. It helped that the company gave us a warning the week before, so luckily it wasn't an all out surprise or I would have been crying my eyes out and a shopping cart full of new purses!!!