Monday, January 25, 2016

When Laundry Day Comes Too Quick

For most weekends include catching up on the household tasks that get life behind during the week. The floors get a little crumby, the tables a little dusty but these are easy fixes. There is probably a pile of something or other that needs to get sorted.

But then comes the laundry game. It's a mountain that needs scaling. You forgot about it over the week, as much as that rubber band was supposed to remind you, put one load in tonight while cooking dinner. You are not superhuman; you wish you could be but those stocks are staring you down and it looks like they are about to win.

I'm not saying this happens to me every weekend, but more often than not, the clothes that I enjoy wearing find themselves in the dirty pile. And Monday morning is the perfect time to realize that and get it all together.

And I'm learning slowly but surely that all these small tasks are endless. They come in between the moments of eating, sleeping, working, catching up with the family. So, as long as there is something else that can cover me and no dire need is present, I'll put it off just a bit longer. Being able to catch up on that book due next week that hasn't been cracked open is a better priority.

As of now, I'm taking this quiet morning moment to type out my thoughts and feelings but also to wash my jeans for the week. I only have enough pairs for a workweek, plus black pants for my restaurant job. It keeps the amount of clothes in my wardrobe to a minimum but makes these mornings a whole lot easier. Perhaps another pair or two are in my future, but that also means a trip to Goodwill because that mountain will not be allowed to get any larger on my watch.

What are those tasks that build up too quickly or that end up being done last minute? 

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