Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Clothes Bin

Ah, fall and the changing of seasons. Up North and in other parts of the country, the shift in temperature can be pretty dramatic, meaning that clothes have to be reconsidered. Sometimes the things that we enjoyed the past few months really aren't that appropriate going forward.

A couple months ago I donated quite a few bags of clothes to Goodwill, because I realized there were not only too many, but most of them were too young and not really me. So with that, I ended up having a bin system, which I'm still working on. My goal is to get down to one bin where two seasons (either Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer) clothes are stored in there while the other hangs in the closet. For me, it's really great because it limits my intake of clothing and makes me consider what I really need.

Right now, I currently have two bins, with one of them containing special occasion dresses and winter outerwear that partly fills it up. The last few things to be donated will probably be the hardest, since I've had them forever, look great on me, but have rarely, if ever, been worn.

Other places there are tips including to turn your hangers around and then at the end of the season donate those. Or even Project 333, which makes you really consider what are the important staples.

And even though I do work in an area with tons of retail stores, it doesn't (well not often) make me want to shop. I actually try and avoid retail which is quite surprising. Perhaps, the shopping bug will catch me one day!

What is your method in trying to limit the number of clothes you have or storing them for the off season? Or let me know if you have a sprawling closet fit for a queen (or king)! 

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  1. Clothes are a problem for me as well. I am trying to slowly work my way through them. I may have to dedicate a weekend to the project and try on lots of them and get my BFF's opinion on what stays and what goes.