Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oh The Ways You Can Save!

People are always surprised that there are tons of small and simple ways to save. And the best part is that there are a bunch of them on the interwebs. Here's just a few that the bf and I utilize on a daily basis.

 Credit: Yes, Monty Python slippers...didn't realize they made these...

Instead of wearing socks around the house, find a pair of slippers you love. It's not that socks are bad, but they really don't last when you wear them day in and day out. Slippers tend to have a sole that will last longer and if you buy an excellent pair, can keep your feet healthy and happy. And if you live in a region that has moderate temperature, try walking barefoot! It's super good for you.

Buy toilet paper rolls that actually last! Most people tend to but those cheap one ply that makes you think they'll last forever, but actually require you to use more. Target usually has great deals for Charmin that give you a gift card if you buy two or more, and combine it will coupons, and you'll actually coming out ahead!

Don't use all the meat! Some people enjoy combining their meat with tofu, but that's something  I could never do to my bf. But one trick that works well, is adding rice to whatever meal we are using. So for example, tacos, half of the taco will be filled with rice, and then with a bit of meat. I've never heard my bf complain about it, and it's really helped on our meat consumption. For pasta, we tend to make a pasta sauce with lots of chunky veggies so it actually looks a lot more appetizing.

So, do you guys have any more interesting ways to save?


  1. I ne'er thought about slippers rather than socks....good idea!

    I save money using coupons, I have a pretty big stockpile, which I love!

    1. Coupons!!! They are my favorite too! My bf and I always have a coupon thingy with everything we have clipped with us at all times!!! Even for restaurants!

  2. I too use coupons to buy the more "expensive" products on TP and papertowels especially. When you use coupons they are cheaper and yet better quality than the off-brand. I never thought about slippers being a money saver, but I do use my slippers in the house all the time, and I switch to sandals/barefoot in the summer.