Saturday, October 5, 2013

October Goals and Some Link Love...


Is 2013 going by too quickly or is it just going by too quickly? Lots of things to get done and so little time...

Anyway, our stove-top broke today, which means quite a few things. Not only do we have to get a repairman to take a look at it and hopefully get it back in working order, but we can no longer cook our daily meals. We will probably be eating out tonight and possibly tomorrow night also, but maybe we can make some plans to use a friend's kitchen to make a few meals and lunches to tide us over. As you may remember (or not, it's alright, still love you) I have a bit of a restrictive diet that makes it much harder to eat healthy outside the home.

Just thinking about how much this will derail our budget is killing me! At least that's why there is an emergency fund!

And with another month comes a few goals!

The Scary Goal List:

1. Read 10 books: Yes, that's a lot, and I will do it.

2. Run twice a week: It's better to start low and work my way up. Now that I've almost been given the free and clear from the doctor, I can get back into full time running. My goal is to also join a gym that has an affiliation with my workplace and get the special 2 year offer. It's safe to say that I've been using a gym for the past 3 years, it's become a good staple and will be during the coming winter.

3. Keep on Cooking!: Even with the setback of the broken stove, cooking is so important in the budget we keep for our household. And it's something that brings both of us together as a couple, so making sure we cook something at least five out of seven nights is super important. (Side note: Hopefully by the end of tomorrow I can have some numbers up for September, talking about budgets and such...).

And, some posts that caught my eye last week!

At Mo' Money Mo' Houses, the Quarter Life Crisis was talked about. Most people don't realize this but, it's an actual thing! Us mid 20 year olds aren't just suffering from narcissism and dealing with reality, just honest confusion as to where and what in our lives.

And at Budgets Are Sexy, our favorite J. Money does a great job of summarizing Ashton Kutcher's speech. Quite of a few of these ideas that I take to heart, and bring to work with everyday. It makes it super hard when you work with those that feel life is something that happens to them.

Wine!!! What would I do without it, what I could do without it (at times). J.D. Roth wrote a wonderful article on enjoying this simple pleasure on the cheap.

Are you more of the person that enjoys going out or staying in? Live Simply Live Well wrote a great article on their introverted nature. Finding the things that make you happy and investing money in them will bring more happiness than you can ever imagine. Knowing whether you are an introvert or extrovert as an individual and as a couple can make a world of difference.

Have a great rest of the weekend! 

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