Friday, October 11, 2013

September Expenses...

So, September was a bad month, a really bad month...

Please, see the red and then look away. It was hard, even for me!

Sorry that it might be a bit (or really) blurry, but it's the best I could do for some reason! 

My income wasn't the best, but the worst part was that I did not control my spending with that. As you can see, where I really killed it (in a bad way) was in the groceries, food and snacks area. It's a really big weakness of mine that I'm trying to curb... Along with that, my medical expenses were higher than normal because of a few more visits to the doctor. It was a condition that needed immediate treatment, and I'm happy that it was treatable with just a cheap prescription. 

For hair, I bought a really great hair gel with a 50% off coupon! Win! 

Did not do well with giving September either, and am hoping that finding an organization that I can give to will help with this. 

Even though student loans is red, I actually overpaid by twelve dollars! Making some progress! 

If you count it all out, you can see that I actually 'spent' more money than I made. My checking account is severely lacking. My favorite part about tracking my expenses is that I know where everything went. So, October is better in that I'm actively checking on a weekly basis how much money I have left for the month!

Comments? Questions? Am I really doing that poorly...

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  1. No you are not doing poorly. The good news is that you are paying attention and happening to your money, rather than your money happening to you.
    Maybe you need to increase in some areas and decrease in others.