Monday, May 26, 2014

Small Things That Really Pay Off

One of my favorite activities of the week is buying flowers for the home. It's done with quite a bit of care and I'll spread them all around the house in small vases to give some color and life to each room.

Being able to wake up everyday and see them reminds me of the small pleasures in life that really don't cost a lot of money but have big payoffs.

This can go right into any part of your day and your personal finance journey. What is the bright spot in your day? Sometimes it's getting lunch from a nearby restaurant. However, if you get it everyday, it doesn't make it anymore special than a daily routine. Limiting it to only one day a week really livens up that small meal, but also helps divert that money towards goals that you didn't think could be accomplished.

We had been looking for ways to redecorate our home, on the cheap, and wherever we went, we couldn't find exactly the right design that we wanted. With a little TLC invested into the sewing machine, it is up and running and our house is on its way to becoming a home. It's not only the satisfaction we get from seeing them on an everyday basis, but knowing that we made them ourselves.

It can be easy to pick up what you need on the way home from work, but without prior research, it can become a thing that sits in your household because it has served its purpose for one time, or that is no longer liked after a few months. Being able to identify what it is that's really needed or wanted in the moment might take some time, but can provide a lasting and satisfying end result.

What are some small (or big!) things that have had a big payoff for you?


  1. I love fresh flowers too as well as doing a little DIY action. :)

  2. A clean sink. When I wake up and the dishes are out away,just makes me feel so much better!

  3. hmm, for me it's eating out once in a while, or compromising by getting a drink during "happy hour" at Sonic.

  4. For me its things like going out for dinner. I used to feel guilty about it but because I've been so focused on budgeting and responsible, its now part of my budget and a great way to reward myself.

  5. Love fresh flowers, too. Sometimes I will pick them on on a weekend to spruce up the mood. Another small pleasure is when my artist of a daughter puts a new painting on my wall.

  6. Fresh flowers are a little luxury I allow myself. I also always have a bar of Fruit and But (which I share with the Hubby) on a Saturday Night. Small luxury maybe but a luxury none the less!