Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What Do You Work For?

Hello everyone! It's been awhile, but here I am, not swallowed by the world yet! The change in schedule has left my body a bit worn and tired, but finally there is some relief! My body has started adapting and I'm finally coming into a normal sleep pattern.

Lately, as I spend many of my summer nights at work, it's left me questioning why some of us work and what are we working for. A fellow coworker works three jobs, but she does it for mainly financial reasons. Mainly, people there work that one job and go home to their families, enjoying the time and days off that they have.

As for me, I'm kind of left holding the bag.

Financially, it feels great working two jobs and having the money coming in to not only pay off those student loans, but to save for those future goals.

Emotionally, it's also a great experience to meet new people, learn from them, and create new experiences. Being able to go to work fulfills me and gives me a sense of accomplishment that I probably would not find anywhere else. That yours truly is a useful member of society.

However, there are days where I feel kind of blah. Working in an office and find myself wondering what I could have been doing if I wasn't in that office. There really was no time for daydreaming at my other job because it was much more fast paced and along with that, there was a new experience everyday.

And some sort of answer started to take shape. I love keeping busy and learning new things, it's part of my nature. I work not because of the money, but for the actual experience of working. It would be hard for me to spend all my time at home, doing things that I only find pleasure in because my time is more limited now than before. It's like having too much cake and realizing that you are eating to eat it and not to actually enjoy it.

The newness of the job is definitely wearing away, but it's a learning experience that I can appreciate and understand. Knowing what type of work I want to do in the future and for what reasons will help me lead a more fulfilled life.

So, what do you work for?


  1. I work extra jobs for the financial reasons. Yes, I could cut more from my budget, but I like having the extras and to me its worth a little more work to continue to pay for them while I get out of debt. After the debts are gone though I will be quitting my second job and I can't wait to actually get a true weekend!

  2. I used to be idealistic and think I would work for the passion of science. Yeah, that hasn't happened. I work for my pay cheque. Maybe that means I have the wrong job. Maybe that means I've realised work is work for a reason.

  3. I have found that I may not love my job, but I can find something to love and enjoy everyday. In the end, I am working to provide for my family. And most days, I'm good with that.

  4. I'm asked to why I what I do and if it was for money reasons I would be working my executive job getting a good salary. I realized couple years ago I wanted to live more passionately by following my passion in motivation and financial education.

  5. I understand completely. I often wonder why I am working so hard. It's because of my intense desire to be debt free and independent. But we all need to take care of ourselves too, and enjoy this one precious life. It's a hard balance!

  6. I work for getting a good financial cushion and retire as soon as possible, live close to the see in my warm and sunny hometown.