Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Understanding Yourself...

Yesterday, my bf and I had a very interesting discussion in the car. We are both introverts, and readily admit it, and have been discussing ways we can become more extroverted. But the issue we found, is with whome do we wish to spend our time with? We recently joined a club that makes us feel super welcome and is helping to develop both of our speaking and leadership skills.

We had just gone out out to a dinner with various friends and coworkers, and found ourselves chit-chatting about various things in life that had come up. Or, we can say that other couples started sharing stories about their kids...

It's not that we don't fit in, they are his co-workers, so they share a work environment and skills. However, we don't have kids, which means we are out of that loop. One couple had just bought a timeshare for the whole family, which is something we would never do. Another lady enjoyed being decked out in designer duds and driving the latest 4-wheel that can fit everyone including the family dog. They really enjoyed discussing their latest purchases or their future vacations.

The issue is, that's not us. And we discussed deeply the values that we both have and wish to bring and continue in the household. Being that we are minimalists (not extreme) by nature, and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, stuff really isn't a big part of it. Even though we could probably afford some of the things they define as needs, they just aren't anywhere on our radar. By a long shot. It's not that we wouldn't enjoy going out to a monthly dinner with them, it's just that we know the more time we spend with them, the more we might drift into their way of living.

It was definitely an important topic that brought us closer together and gave us a better understanding of ourselves as units and as a couple.We ended up deciding to continue developing the friendships within this club of ours along with finding a club that we have a specific interest in and bringing home that new experience.

Interesting enough, when it came time to pay, we were the only ones with cash. As I had stated previously, I use the envelope system because it works super well with the way I'm paid in my current job, by tips. Everyone else was rifling through their arsenal of credit cards, which made me wonder if they really could afford everything or were they relying on all this stuff to define who they were.

How important is it that you hang around people who are just as thrifty as you are? Do you think people hide behind their stuff more often than not? 

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