Friday, August 2, 2013

A Little Update...

Just wanted to write a few things to let you guys know I'm still here. Remember how I said I didn't know if I was going to be able to make enough for the month of July? Well, this girl worked her but off for five days straight (last week) and same for this week also, by picking up extra shifts and proving herself to be a great employee. With that, I really have to say it all worked out, but there were definitely a few surprise expenses that derailed me. It really pays off to be hard worker and showing it off as best you can to save your financial butt!

With that, this weekend I'll be posting a recap of July financials and be posting some numbers for all to see! Trying to decide how I want to set it all up, because I know this will be the benchmark for all the other updates. Definitely a bit nervous because I'm opening myself up to criticism, but looking forward to all the positive comments that people have to give.

Along with that, I've declared August to be a no-spend month. There are a few birthdays that I've already taken into consideration, along with one dinners out, but I really want to get my finances back on track! What's the point of working extra shifts to have the money disappear into thin air.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend and have some frugal fun!

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