Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Spending Week? Let's Just Start Again...

What is the biggest disruption of a planned spending budget? The unplanned changes that go on in life. Last week was full of those, from starting a new job, to having to pay for parking, to being only a one car household for a few days. Yeah, it was crazy for both of us. But for me, there were quite a few changes that kept on poking me in the side.

Parking: Never realized how much parking fees could add up on a day to day basis. It never seemed to be a lot that day, but by the end of the week, my credit card didn't think it that fun at all...

Food: ??? A lot of little snacks were bought this week, stemming from poor planning, to just realizing that all the food that was brought for lunch didnt' last until 1pm, it was just a bit of a hunger fest. So, snacks galore! 

Other: Car deductible. OH life! You keep on making me spend money on things I don't want to...

So, here's to the start of a new week and to positive energy! 

My plans for this week are three no spend days and the word for the next couple months is contentment. Why do I need that word in my life right now? It's because lately, almost everything seems too little, not enough, still lacking. Nothing is getting done or accomplished and the checklist is still growing. Making a list of my wants and needs, but mainly my needs will remind me that in life, I really do have everything. There's nothing more that going to a store or ordering online can provide me. 

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