Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday Review 1

There is this feeling that Saturday morning is such a sacred time that I love looking at the week in review and seeing how everything has fallen into place.

Recap of the week: Unfortunately, this is the first blog post of the week, but there were a few more in the making that just never got finished. They will definitely get some fine tuning and make their debut next week though so stay tuned!

Things that got finished around the house include lots of cleaning and overall tidying. Things were thrown into the trash, donated or put into proper places. The house looks a lot more livable now. We are even discussing the possibilities of the big monstrosity in the family room. Woohoo for a non-smelly and walkable home!

With a lot less work this week, I've focused on slowing down and appreciating the summer for the beautiful but fleeting time it is up here in the Northeast part of the country. Which includes lots of walks and time outdoors despite the showers. What's a little rain but frizzy hair?

Weekly Spending:

Groceries: $55 Awesome! Even got some meat to stock up our fridge that had manager's discount coupons!
Outside Drinks: $16 Boo but not really...
Outside Food: $35 Most of it was having lunch with the Bf during a lunch not too bad
Car: $72 Oh the money pit...
Makeup: $50 Replacing used up items that I've been really putting off for too long now.
Unexpected: Spent $40 on repairing the Bf's watch. But he really appreciated so I'm pretty happy with it.

Total: $268 of kind of random stuff. Let's be better next week.

Inspirations of the Week: Lots of awesome articles this week that needed to be shared!

At Minimal Millennial, offloading jewelry even with sentimental value is really sometimes the hardest thing to do. And what about all those one event pieces? Oh yeah, they are all there taking up space.

The 100 Dreams List over at Modern Mrs. Darcy REALLY inspired me this past week and something I will be giving lots of thought to as the weeks turn into fall and perhaps making my own.

Living Off Peak Hours over at ThinkSaveRetire is all the way up my alley. Having one day off during the week allows me to get all my shopping and necessities done without the hassle of dealing with the crowds. I honestly would love to work for companies in my future that allows flexible schedules where I can take advantage of those unused weekdays.

Alrighty, that wraps it up for this Saturday! Hope you guys have an awesome weekend and don't get too caught up in the crowds!

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