Monday, April 14, 2014

Projects That Pay Off

It's easy to go to stores and buy whatever but it takes imagination and creativity to do these things at home. There are tons of projects out there that are not only on the easier side, but also can save you a bunch of cash! Here are a few that I've personally started working on:

Handmade napkins: Not only are paper napkins bad for the environment, they can be a huge waste of money if used on a daily basis. Paper napkins are definitely great for the messy stuff, such as wings, but for every day use, cloth napkins do just as well, and sometimes even better. If you have a sewing machine, they make for a great afternoon project that will not only save you money but add character to your dining room decor.

Cushions: These things are severely overpriced at any store! It's basically a big square that has stuffing in the middle! And if you are like me, you can never find just the right pattern! Again, another great afternoon project that can spice up any room in your home!

Blankets: What's a great way to spend a No Spend Day? Knitting and watching tv reruns! When you are working on a long project the actual progress can make you want to stay home and get as far as possible! There are many free patterns on the internet, and if you don't know the difference between a crochet hook and a knitting needle, Youtube has great videos that will take you step by step.

Artwork: It can be a great family project on a rainy afternoon that might produce some masterpieces. This can be a free for-all, or perhaps, finding inspiration from Picasso. Afterwards,, spend some time looking around the house for the perfect place to hang them all up! This will showcase the families artistic abilities.

Setting up a Clothesline: This might take a bit of a handyman, but an earth friendly project it is! You don't need to hang everything outside, but a few pieces can lower your dryer use and save you a few bucks.     And don't you just love that summer air scent?

Most of these projects require upfront costs that can vary. Such as what happens when you don't have a sewing machine. But alternatives can be done, such as hand sewing. The best thing is that in the long run, you'll have something that was made with lots of love and care and customized just for you!

And with many of these projects, there are varying levels of difficulty. You can make them as easy or hard as you want them to be, and can spend as much time on them as you wish.

What are some other projects that pay off? 


  1. I'm looking for something I can do on the side that will bring in income. Right now,mi have nothing, but I know I can do something to help us out.

  2. In my hometown the quilt store has a "$5 Quilt" project each year with monthly classes. When you attend the first class you pay $5 for the fabric for your first block. Then if you come back to the next class the next month with the block completed, you get your fabric free. This repeats each month. At the end of the year, if you completed every block on time and came to every class you have made 12 blocks for $5. (You still have to pay for borders, binding, backing, quilting (unless you can long-arm quilt) and setting fabric). I am hoping to sell mine when i get it completed. A girl can only use so many quilts herself.