Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Guess What?! and Spending Report!

So, the reason I've been a bit away is that this girl got a job! Yes, I know, exciting, and they wanted me to start ASAP, so it's been a roller coaster ride of having no days off and adjusting to a different environment.

But as promised (even though it's a day late), my spending since the beginning of April:

Food: 11 (Some random bits and pieces we needed for a recipe)
Food Out: 71 (Dinner out to celebrate getting a job along and the first day, not too bad!)
Transportation: 7
Home Supplies: 82 (Went a bit too crazy here, supplies for crafts project along with the garden)
Wine: 20 ( Almost a need)
Health: 10 (Refill on medication)
Books: 13 (Great for the time in between work and getting home!)
Personal: 23 (A new perfume and stuff for a new job!)

Seems like I definitely went way over my budget, considering that I'm not going to get paid for a bit. But, after over a year of searching, it was great celebrating with two nights out to eat. And with spring coming along quickly, all these project supplies are definitely going to add. But the best thing is that they will save the household money in the long run. This will definitely be a post hopefully up by the end of the week.

Hope you guys had a happy Hump Day!