Monday, December 30, 2013

The Long List of Goals...

This past year there was tons of ups and downs and unexpected events. But with that, there were a lot of great moments and memories made. There were quite a few things that I had expected to have been done by the end of this year, and yet the world hasn't fallen apart. That means there might still be some time!

My previous goal of making a new dish every week didn't last too long with working 6 days a week eventually. However, we did focus on trying new foods and sometimes adding a bit of panash to the usual whatever it was we were making that night. So we will call that a half win.

As for the job search, even though I did not find a job within my field, I did find a job. Which makes me feel super lucky everyday (well, somewhat). Not only did I meet great people there, but the skills I've learned I can use for the rest of my life! As an extra plus, my boss has asked me to take on a trainer role, which really surprised me because there are lots of people who have been there much much longer.

Now, that I've kind of checked off my goals from last year, I can set some more goals that will be half done come next December!

My FEW (aka quite a few) goals for the next year:

  • Find a job in my field or at least a career mobile position. This is almost a definite must due to the fact that my skills are growing weaker by the day now. I've opened myself up a lot and I'm hoping that within the next couple months something does come through!

  • Get driver's license. Enough said. Must be done!

  • Continue experimenting with cooking! The past few months we've stuck to a list of the usual, so we will try some new spices and some new dishes that are easy enough to be made under 30 minutes. And maybe a culinary masterpiece or two. 

  • Bring student loans under 20k. This is a goal that can easily be done if I continue on my double payments throughout the next year. I'd rather set it a bit higher just in case, and be super happy once I pass it. 

  • Read 100 books this year. It does seem like a lot, but reading is actual one of my favorite frugal activities to get lost in (besides dollar store puzzle books). But I also want to explore other genres I have left behind such as biographies, science fiction and personal development. I hope to read a minimum of 5 from each of these three categories to broaden my horizon and make me feel more learned (or something like that). 

  • Blog at least 3 times a week. This goal is not only about consistency and keeping up with the blog but finding new ways to expand it. It's been fun writing and sharing my experiences while hearing about those of others. 

  • Run/work out 4 times a week. Even though my job gives me a workout already, it would be even better to take classes that would work out my upper body and give me a bit more definition. Just because I'm running around constantly doesn't mean I'm super healthy. 

  • Run a 5k and a 10k. Since I started getting into running, I want to see how far I can go. I'm not a natural born runner, and probably won't win anything or get a great time, but it'd be great to try and do something I never thought possible. 

  • Knit/crochet two blankets. I've already started one, but the other one I'm planning on giving away as a gift. These are super major projects that will require me to pace myself and make me focus on the task at hand. Along with these two, there are a few smaller craft projects that I have in mind to do. 

  • Work on doing things in the moment. I have found this past year that I'll be given a task and I'll set it aside, never to be done or taken care of til way too late. It must be the lack of consistency and deadlines that college always provided me. But I'm hoping to get back to my structured self with a few more lists and reminders! 

  • Play board games with the bf at least twice a week. We enjoy playing Scrabble and sometimes we find we come home from work and turn on the TV and get lost in it's mesmerizing glare because it's just that much easier. We are looking to purchase a few more cheap games and hopefully that will give us more options than the two we have and will look forward to it more. 

  • Have one relaxing day a week. This past holiday season taught me that when you work hard, you have to allow your body to rest and recuperate. In college, I was always go, go, go and thought that I could always live my life that way. But then, having a day that I did absolutely nothing but read and drink tea made me realize that having one day like that is absolutely amazing. So, here's to making sure that one day out of the week for the next 52 weeks is spent on enjoying life and not working my butt off. 

How about you? What are your goals for 2014 that you will set to not fail at?!


  1. Grat list! Will be posting my goals and reviews of 2013 this week.
    My biggest one is to turn off the tv a few days a week. I come home and sit on the couch and the next thing you know 3 hours have passed and I've done nothing. I need an intervention.

    1. TV is something you definitely have to be conscious about! You know, there is a show about interventions...

  2. Wow - what a list!! I so admire your drive and tenacity! Our list, which we'll be publishing on Friday, is much shorter, but it will have to do. Like Live Simply, we need to turn off the TV more too. Best of luck on your goals, Amanda!

    1. 2014 is definitely turning out the be the year of cutting the cable, either by getting rid of it completely or severely limiting the hours! Well at least we know we are not alone in this task! I tend to be one that gets bored pretty quickly, and having goals to work towards reminds me there is no reason to be bored!!! I'm excited to see what you guys have to work towards this year!

  3. Yes that’s a long list, but not too hard to accomplish. One thing I have learned is that having a blog I tend to get more things done, and productivity rises. THe blog has a hidden way to make me accountable to get things done and then write about it with a smile.

  4. Wow, 100 books! I'm impressed. I'm trying to read 12, haha. Nice looking goals. You can do it!

  5. 100 books! I had that goal in 2012 and I think I got to about 86. You can do it!

    Mine are simple: reach out to friends and family more, and explore my surroundings more.