Sunday, December 1, 2013

The First Sunday of Advent

It was a wonderful Sunday with me and the bf and I was allowed the luxury to take a midday nap and watch a few too many Christmas movies. These won't be happening too often for the next few weeks, so we will appreciate them as they come.

As the title states, the first Sunday of Advent is upon us and with the air turning chillier and snow becoming a more frequent guest, it definitely feels like the holiday season. It's a great time for everyone not only because of the food and gifts, but being able to share time with family we might not get to see too often. Everywhere you go there is something magical in the air! 

So enjoy this first week of Advent and please remember the importance of the holidays! I've encountered way too many frustrated people these past few days at work. The gifts and things aren't all that important to get angry with the person behind the register or your server. They are people too and are probably required to work all these hours for your convenience. 

The best thing is I get to do all my holiday shopping during off hours this season! Yay for no lines! My hope is with all these hours I'm working, an extra payment or two on my student loans can be made. Talk about the perks of early mornings and late nights!!!

Another thing about the first week of Advent is thinking about the new year and what is to come. Mainly, thinking about new goals I hope to accomplish. It's almost like giving myself a head start. Not only do I want to keep up my goal on trying new recipes, but also my want to improve on my foreign languages. One of my goals was to learn seven languages by the time I'm old (like 70 or 80 old). With only 3/7 accomplished, I better get some work in! 

So here's to a wonderful ending and new beginning! 


  1. I know exactly what you mean. Everyone freaks out during the holiday season for some reason. We need to remember that it's not about the perfect gift or the parties, it's a time to be with lived ones.

    1. My favorite part is when people start crying because they didn't get the gift they wanted. It's like really? That is definitely not the holiday spirit...