Monday, December 7, 2015

My Christmas List...

Will be pretty short this year. And that's not unfortunately. For many years, I've always wanted a laundry list of things, not wants, but needs. I'd save myself up for them and then let it all out come November. New pjs, replace the makeup that ran out months ago, you get the idea.

However, this year has been different. Well, not really but still radical. All my desires lately have been squashed. No reason at all, just that there really isn't anything that catches me like it used to. And those needs? Well, they are met for the most part. Being able to pay for not only my wants and needs along with a hefty savings rate has finally made my heart fill with joy. It's no longer a balancing act. It's no longer a hassle to figure out what needs to be paid first.

So, this year my list is short because I don't have really anything to ask for. Perhaps a few candles would be nice. Maybe a gift card for a craft store. Perhaps a book store also?

Is this my move away from wanting? Is this the freeing sense of not desiring anything more? It actually feels kind of nice. To be able to go into a store, look at things, put them down, state how nice they are and walk away.

What I really desire can't really be bought at a store. A few more hours with the ones I love. Seeing them more often over a wonderful home cooked meal or having more time for board games. Those are the things that make me truly happy.

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