Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Family, Travel and Money

One thing I've started to appreciate is the ability to visit family and not just spend time but to really enjoy life with them. To share memories, to enjoy the minutes as they pass by. There might even be moments of complete silence, and yet it feels filled with meaning and understanding. Those are the moments that are worth the drive, those small hassels and that inconsiderate (only one right?) driver.

There are a lot of other 'things' in our lives that take priority. For me, work comes first, but what really is the real reason behind working constantly? It's the ability to earn enough money to pay down my debts. To finally have my student loans paid off, to ride around in MY car each and every day.

What made me stop and think about all of this was taking a spur of the moment trip down to see my family. Just one day. And seeing how much fuller life is with my family and friends. That there is so much to do, but is clouded behind debt repayment. Yes, paying off that mountain is important, and even that one extra shift can mean a whole extra payment. But there will always be (for the near future at least) that next payment. And after that, the next savings goal.

But even spending a few hours with family I hadn't seen in years was so rewarding and eye opening, I can't describe it only a few words. There might not be even words. It made me realize how quickly time is passing before my eyes, and that all the money I work for doesn't make up for the quiet moments that passed between us.

So, my hope is that my focus can shift from where I want my life to be in a few years, to enjoying life as it is now. Even if that means my debt repayment plans go by the wayside. Not totally, but just a little bit. Just enough to have a quick lunch with a good friend.

*Time to change that budget again...*

Have you ever rearranged your budget or renovated your goals to fit in sudden inspirations?

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