Monday, January 5, 2015

Slowing Down By Being Sick...

It's that wonderful time of the year again, no not some new resolutions, but the season of the cold and flu. You know it's coming because your body is telling you there is something slightly off. You deny it, or you start chugging OJ, but it's too late. The next day, you wake up not knowing whether you brushed your teeth and fed the dog. It takes all your energy to fall out of bed. This isn't your finest moment,  but it's the best time to slow down and take in the moment.

1. Take time to take care of yourself. The reason you probably got sick (because you know it's true) is that you have been working too much and trying to do everything at once. Take a day or two (or maybe three) to take a bath instead of a quick shower. To have a salad before your main course. To really let the stew simmer.

2. Catch up on the small things you have always meant to do. Maybe you have three episodes of that tv series left. Or 50 pages in that book by your bedside. Days like this make me feel lazy and like nothing was accomplished, so even getting something small like done makes me feel that much better.

3. Have a little treat. A bowl of ice cream.  A few pieces of candy. Your body does deserve it.

What's your favorite tip for your sick day? ( I will taking all into consideration these next few days...). 

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