Thursday, November 7, 2013

Appreciating Time Off

Finally, a day off! A first in quite a bit! Even though I only work part time, with my long commute, it feels more like a full time job at the end of the day. So the day or days off I get during the week are used to not only catch up on housework, but also to work on those small projects or make a really delicious meal (or three). 

It's really interesting that when we really have no work to do, we get a bit anxious, and then we start looking around for a new project to start or a new skill to learn. We can almost say that we get a bit bored. As humans, we really do want to contribute and feel we are doing something with purpose. 

But when we work too much, we miss the time to do whatever it is we want. To explore, to let our creativity run and find it's own outlet. We also need time to rest and relax, to make sure we do not burnout our mind or body.

So, it's a bit of appreciation for the work life balance that we all try to master. Work is great to give us meaning to our lives, but life is also a great thing to enjoy.