Friday, April 1, 2016

When Temptation Strikes...

Today was definitely was one of those, and even though I let whimsy take me by the leash a little, there is a

So, what did the damage end up being?

I stayed under my $20 goal for a gift for a friend. Good Job!!!

Grocery shopping also ended up underneath the $20 limit and good staples. Woohoo another win!!!

Yet, as I was passing by, the clothes store just called my name. It beckoned me and there were the jeans. Jeans I had been looking for for weeks: those that fit properly, can be worn for work and were not an arm and a leg.

So, is my week ending up in financial disaster? No, not at all. Hopefully my situation isn't so bad that $22 worth of clothing sidetracks my retirement plans. (That would be very, very bad).

But I did make a financial mistake last week in picking up shoes for an event but also impulse purchasing a pair of beautiful but really unnecessary heels. They won't work for work, but they seem just nice, just something to add something or other to my life.

The more I look at them the more ridiculous they seem in terms of the lifestyle I live. A pair of black sneakers at this point would make a lot more sense.

So, will I return those shoes? Maybe and maybe not..They do look really cute on my feet, oh yes they do. And how about those jeans, well, they are for work aren't they? They can go as a work expense right, right???.

P.S Have you guys seen the show Life or Debt on Spike TV?! Oh, yeah, all over that...


  1. Hey Amanda,

    I think we've all been in that situation. See those cute pair of shoes and just have to have them. For the most part, I've grown out of that stage and try to stick with items that fit within my capsule wardrobe. But occasionally I get sidetracked:) Latoya @ Life and a Budget

  2. haha! I feel your pain. My wife just pointed out that two of my jeans are ripped so now I have to jean shopping! :(

  3. I know the struggle... :P